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Indoor Pickleball coming to Sarasota

 The Stardust Skating rink, an institution in Sarasota for decades, is the future home of the Sarasota Pickleball Academy, to be the premier indoor Pickleball facility in Sarasota, Florida. The 24,000 SF indoor pickleball facility is located on 12th Street, across the street from Ed Smith Stadium. 


Starboard Tack leads the development team of general contractor Southern Cross, design firm Balaity Property Enhancement, and  Osborn Engineering. Demolition and construction are expected to start in the Spring 2020 and be completed in the Fall of 2020 - just in time for the upcoming season. 

The facility will have 12 indoor pickleball courts, a pro shop and coffee/juice bar. A large lounge are will be complemented by showers and bathroom facilities for members. We anticipate opening in the Fall of 2020.  

Stay tuned for periodic updates as we remodel the Stardust skating rink.

Professional Instruction

Sarasota has a vast resource of professional instructors

 that will be available for all levels of experience.

A staff of 15 professional instructors will hold hold individual 

instruction and clinics. League play will be encouraged and we plan 

on holding major regional and national tournaments right here in Sarasota.

What's Pickleball?

 Pickleball is America’s fastest growing sport.  Currently 85 new pickleball facilities are opening each week in the US.  Pickleball, invented over 50 years ago, recently exploded in popularity as America’s aging and retiring baby-boomer cohort needed an active competitive sport that had lower physical demands compared to tennis, squash and racquetball.  Pickleball is played on a smaller version of a tennis court, requiring less running, overall strength, and less strain on aging joints. Over 75% of the current players are baby-boomers and retirees; however, the sport is growing rapidly among younger segments of the population.  The sport is most often played as doubles, with four players on the court at a time, 

Team Pickleball

The SPA competitive team is for high level players who are dedicated to compete in tournaments throughout the year. They practice throughout the week and compete at various events around the state representing the Sarasota Pickleball Academy, showcasing their play and sportsmanship throughout the pickleball community. Try outs will take place in the Fall of 2020.


1. Be an active current SPA member

2. Be a current USAPA member

3. Must have competed in a tournament at 3.0 and above level after Janusry 2020

4. Pass the competitive team evaluation 

5. Agree to values of SPA and the SPA team

6. Agree to purchase Team uniforms

7. Be available to assist organized events

8. Attend 75% of team practices each month

9. Compete in at least 4 tournaments per year with another SPA team member.


Pickleball Comments

Joe Capuano, Pickleball Sarasota — Sarasota, FL

"What our area needs is an indoor pickleball facility!"

Courtney Miles, Pickleball Pro — Naples, FL

"Noting better than to get out of the weather to play and instruct"

Matt Gordon— New York, New York

"What fun to play pickleball indoors when I come to Sarasota."

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Sarasota Pickleball Academy

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